Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Years

Well, First I hope you all had a wonderful New Years!! I wish you all much love, laughter and many blessings this year.

Dennis, Tyler and I went Cosmic Bowling to ring in the New Year. Tyler made a friend (Gavin), he is our friends son. Dennis had to finish up my game because I think I pushed it a little too far and made my hip hurt.
Here is Tyler getting ready to pick up a spare. He did really well, even beat Dennis by 11 points.
Here is Dennis doing a Richard Nixon impression...........or just been a goof!!
Here I am......I had to wear something for New Years!
That night on the way home it started to snow again!! This time it did more than Christmas night. The following are pictures of the Dolomites (Pre-Alps) they are a beautiful backdrop to the base and remind us ALOT of Utah!

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