Thursday, January 22, 2009

38 Weeks

As of today Norah has not arrived and I have officially moved into my 38th week!! Tomorrow Dennis and I go in for a visit with the Dr. to see how Norah is progressing. During this appt, I will be hooked up to all the monitors to show my contractions as well as hear her heartbeat. As for my contractions, they are 4-6 minutes apart and I have to wait until they are 3-5 minutes or if my water breaks before I should go in.
This weekend Dennis and I will be doing additional walking on top of going to the gym. I feel that my working for so long, spring cleaning the house, and going to the gym have helped Norah progress faster and kept a lot of my potential weight off.

Bella has been like a shadow more than ever these past two weeks, we think she knows something is about to happen and more noise will be filling the house :)

As for my belly picture this week, I feel like Norah dropped but it looks as if she is playing around in there and has risen up compared to the past few pictures.

Dennis and I are ready for her to come whenever she is ready. We are taking a poll (bets) to see who is closest to her weight and date of arrival. We still haven't decided what the winner will get, but I am thinking a few extra hours of sleep may be a good prize.

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Fadela said...

WHAT!! No baby yet!!! I was going to call you today, but realized that it was 3 pm my time so it would be 11 pm your time. Call me tomorrow, or send me your phone number to my home email since I won't be at work:
I hope you are feeling good, and I hope that baby Norah will get here soon!
Take care and I love you!