Thursday, January 15, 2009

37 Weeks!!!

I cannot believe I have already reached my 37th week. The time has passed by so fast, it feels like we found out last month that I was expecting! I have had a terrific pregnancy and it is by no means what I have heard other women go through. I didn't have any real morning sickenss, just a little nausea at night. Cravings on the otherhand would have been even worse had I been back in the states. I can tell you one thing I am going to get a slupree and a real dreamsicle. Other than that, I have wanted clementines and have a few everynight.

This last week, I have been either really tired, or so full of energy that I cannot leave a dish in the sink for very long. I must say that the time I have had off work has been a blessing being able to get a few things done around the house before Norah arrives. Dennis has been a big help in helping me get and feel organized for after the big day. We still have a few things we both would like to get done before she arrives........but today she started to show she may come early. I guess we will have to take care of those things this weekend. Especially before I start back into school on the 26th after a nice month off to relax and prepare.

Dennis and I are getting excited to see Norma and Carl in February we re going to show them around Italy. Tyler will hopefully be able to come down in April to meet and spend some time with Norah!! Tyler is such a great big brother to Brady and we know that he will be just as great to Norah. After that I am sure I will be making a trip back to the states to see my parents, family and friends. That's if her passport comes back in time, this is Italy and there isn't a real rush to anything they do, and I have grown accustomed to it.

I will close this now and go get started on my to do list. Oh, I almost forgot to attach the picture for this week.


Fadela said...

It looks like she has dropped from last week! Yay! I think she will be here in about 6 days, thats my prediction...I love your belly!

Amber Fuselier said...

It sure feels like she has dropped, yet again it cud be just my imagination. I have an e-mail all ready for Dennis to send out to everyone when she does arrive and he comes home shower and get Bella ready for her arrival as well. I hope she comes in 6 days and not overdue!!