Friday, May 14, 2010

We Made the great U.S. of A !!!

I know it has been a long time since I last posted and now that we are settled in for a little bit I will catch up on posting the pictures of the fun times we have had.

To bring you up to speed, we have had a busy month since I finished my last two classes. Dennis surprised me, and the kids with a trip to Germany to get Tyler. We then headed to Euro Disney in Paris, France for two days. The Eiffel Tower at night was breathtaking. We went back the next day before we left to get additional pictures of it during the day but did not stay long because the wind was so cold we could feel it in our bones.

After that it was back to Germany to catch a flight to my other mother land.....Scotland. Edinburgh is gorgeous and worth the trip. Dennis added onto the surprise and rented a car so we could go to Stirling and visit the William Wallace Monument (related). The best part was the Volcano in Iceland gave us three extra days there....pause NOT. Do not get me wrong it was nice to stay there an extra day but I would have like to get home to take our time getting our stuff together for the move. We decided to leave on the 21st of April by and 8 hour train ride down to Dover port since they canceled our flight out of there until the following Saturday. Once in Dover we had to take the ferry across to Calais, France, once we got there the hotel were booked with people trying to get back to the U.K. so we stayed in the port station over night rented a car to get us back to Germany to catch our flight out of there on the 22nd!! It was nice to get back to Italy, because they came on the 29th and packed us out....only four days to get ready instead of the 7 we were planning on.

We made it to the states and have been here a week. We have adjusted to the time change rather well I would have to say. I am just happy we are done with any major traveling for a some time.

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