Sunday, May 23, 2010

Second Leg of Graduation Trip

The second leg of our trip was the most adventurist towards the end. We Left Germany and flew into Edinburgh, Scotland. We were only suppose to be there 3 days but it ended up 6 because of the volcano eruption in Iceland causing the entire U.K. to close its airspace. After the 5th day we decided to do whatever we had to to get home so we could PCS the following week. After an 8 hour train ride through London down to Dover and taking the ferry across to Calais, France, staying the night in the ferry station because the hotels were booked from all the other passengers trying to head to the U.K. Renting a car to get back to Germany to rent another car to take the other one back to the airport just over the border in France and flying out of Germany to Italy the very next day we made it home!!! Thanks to our friends the Perry's for picking us up at the airport we were able to relax on the ride home.

Here are the kids getting ready for a dip in the hotel pool and hot tub.

Edinburgh Castle behind our hotel.

Trying to visit them all. We couldn't find the one in Paris though...bummer.

Scott's Monument

Getting ready to walk around the Edinburgh castle.

The cemetery next to the castle. It is one of the oldest cemeteries in the area.

Princes Park behind the castle and next to the cemetery. It is such a beautiful park.


St. Margaret's Chapel, it was built in the 12th century.

Scottish National War Memorial built in 1427.

The King of Scotland's crown. I didn't know I could not take pictures until I left the room...oops.

Gowing down the to Prisoner's of War living quarters during the war.

The prisoners carved shapes, words and objects into their doors.

One of the first paintings of Edinburgh Castle.

The jail house.

Norah passed out before lunch. She was going through a growth spurt, then got sick later this day. It was not a good day for her.

Dennis rented a car to take me to Stirling to see the William Wallace Monument.
Wow, I do not think I could drive on the opposite side of the road.

The freeways are even stranger.

There it is, The William Wallace Monument.

The view from the entrance of the monument.

The stairway to go up and down the monument.

William Wallaces' sword. It was such an amazing feeling to be close to it knowing what he did for the people of Scotland.

Stained glass of William Wallace

There were air holes as you walk up/down the stairs and this is the view......amazing!!

Tyler going down the stairs.

The view from the very top where the wall came up to your waist. The boys were a little afraid to go up there.

Do you see another will soon.

Here it is. Absolutely georgous!!

The facade of the monument

There was a steep trail up the mountain to get to the monument.

The countryside on the way back from Stirling.

The majority of homes there are much like the U.K., row houses, duplexs, but there are single homes but on a smaller scale than what Americans are used to.

The taxis (Louries) in Scotland.

The boys got a picture of the Lamborghini, what a nice car.

The Royal Mile

Dennis and Tyler did a ghost tour. They said it was not as scary as they thought it was going to be.

Street performers there are hilarious.

Live music on the walkways is such a great thing.

The boys came back from the pool to find us passed out on the floor.

Norah's hair after we took her beanie off......"what's so funny?"

Norah could here the drummer two blocks away and was already dancing. She LOVES music.

Scott's Monument

The new town in the forefront and the old town in the background.

Calton Hill/Monument in the background.

David Hume the great philosphy and psychology philosipher on human nature was a Scot and lays rest in the cemetery near Calton Hill.

Looking down from Calton Hill towards the Edinburgh castle

Tyler ordered a side of Haggis at Hard Rock. It wasn't that bad either.

These are their alley ways in the old town.

They took livestock down this one for slaughter.

Two of my three Knights in armour.

Taking the "Old North Bridge" to Princes Street.

At the Princes Mall

The begining of our trip home. This was the train ride from Edinburgh to Dover Priory.

Still the begining of the trip home.

The coast of the U.K., I LOVE IT.

A brief stop in York

Finally aboard the Ferry for 2 hours then we will be in France.

Bye Scotland and U.K. We loved visting but it's time for us to head home.

Norah and I finally asleep in the Ferry station in France. The hotels were booked and the car rental business was closed when we got there. May as well try to rest for those 12 hours. We for sure thought with the Brits trying to get back and all of the other travlers in Europe stuck from the volcano they would have changed their hours.......that was not the case.
Tyler made a house of cards that could hold the weight of his shoe.....that is talent.


JoDeeAh said...

I loved seeing all these photos!! We need to plan a vacation! I am thinking I am just going to plan one for my birthday and tell Brett, and it will be a weekend so he won't have to get out of work.
Before I scrolled all the way down on his house of cards photo I thought it was just a pile on the floor with his shoe on top. Haha, I was like how funny! But, still cool!

Amber Fuselier said...

You could always plan the trip over Labor Day weekend!! They will have that Monday off. No matter where you go though it will be fun. I know, I thought the same thing when I was going through the pictures, I had to ask him what it was because I was sleeping at least trying to when he made this.