Saturday, May 22, 2010

First Leg of My Graduation Trip

She cannot help herself when she rides in the car, she takes after her mother.
Just waking up.
Beautiful town in Germany on the way to have to read a little further to find out. Love the countryside.
"Which way did he go George, which way did he go??" Where do we want to go?
We are getting closer. These two look so handsome. And the girls!
Enjoying the story Tyler is reading to her.
Such a beautiful Chateau in France.
Some statue of a Pig on the side of the road.....I have know idea why it is there. Pictures of the countryside as we were driving through France. I love to see these windmills, they are enormous and help the environment. I just may have to get one installed at our house when we retire.
You must have figured it out by now. This is my Bourne Identity imitation picture.
It would have been nice to go to Cheesy......since I already am.
Getting ready to do a "drive by" of Notre Dame
And the shot!
They had some party going on here so I though I would take a picture of the fountain. It seems it was built during the Baroque period. Norah did so well. It was a long wait for us to find a parking spot and a decent resturant for dinner. We all, minus the littlest one had escargot and it was rather tasty. Eiffel Tower at night......breathtaking.
Norah on the way back to our hotel.........what a ham.
The next day we took the kids to Euro Disney in Paris. Norah was just about ready but could not figure out how to put this on. Thank goodness I have some time before this happens. The entrance to the parks, Walt Disney, and Universal Studios. It was a windy day. I love this picture.
The boys The girls
Norah asleep while Tyler and I rode Tower of Terror, such a fun ride. Disney offers "baby switch" one parent that waits in line can switch with the other after the ride and go through "fast pass" and ride with the child again. Tyler got to ride everything twice.
Norah playing while we were waiting for the boys.
She loves her big brother, and he loves her so much too. They are cute together.
On the way to Disneyland
Riding Space Mountain...Tyler's second time, my first time ever. I would not ride it again after I ate though.
Pirates of the Carribean, LOVE this ride.
Tyler taking aim. He is really good.
The show is about to start,
At the end of the day Norah still is a cutie!
The Eiffel Tower during the day.
They had various works of art on the side of the road while driving. I think they did that to keep you awake.
The kids on the way home to Germany preparing themselves for the second leg of the graduation trip.

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