Sunday, January 24, 2010

Verona 2009

A few days after Christmas we decided to head to Verona with a few friends. The town is about 2 hours North of where we live and has such romance. Dennis and I were there in 2007 for St. Patricks day and did not get to see Juliet's window or any other touristy stuff. We decided we would do it now while the mood struck us.

This is Juliet's window....Romeo, Romeo, where for out thou Romeo?
Here is my Romeo.....lengend has it if you rub her boob it will bring you much love in your life with your partner.I had to do it to......I am VERY short compared to her.The balconies are facing the town square (Piazza) and so calming.Here is the town square (Piazza). We looked around for a litle at the different vendors and the items they were selling. One even had roasted chestnuts!The fountain in the center of the piazza.They even paint murals on the side of their buildings with such detail.Norah and I walking.......Getting a little closer....This is one the the castles in Verona. It is now a museum filled with beautiful artwork and medieval weaponry.Norah and I in the courtyard of the castle.

All of us in the courtyard....

The Parsons, and us in the courtyard.

This was only one section of the courtyard, it was massive.
Looking out from the castle onto the river.
Another angle
A bridge that leads to the castle
Norah walking with Dad in the museum.
more walking with Dad.
Norah and Cassie talking in the museum.....just wait for it.
Norah and Cassie giving loves to each precious!Us walking around Verona.
It was a great time. A little cold at times but, well worth it all. Norah even got a new beanie out of it from the Disney Store because she kept pulling her other one off and this one in the picture above stays in place. It even covers her ears better.

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