Sunday, January 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Norah!!!

What a wonderful journey this first year of Norah's life has been!! She has such a personality on her and does she have both her Mom and Dad in her, and not just the great qualities we possess. Before getting to the pictures of her 1st Birthday party I have posted the pictures of her since she arrived into the world, our hearts and lives.

Norah's Stats - 22.2 lbs, 27 in. long, head circumference 46 cm, and she is walking all by herself. Norah and Daddy, just days old.3 weeks old - Fast asleep after a meal2 months - sleeping in her bouncy chair2 months - fast asleep in Venizia3 months - Meeting her brother for the first time. So precious these two.4 Months - chillin' on the couch. That smile she gives melts mine everytime.5 Months - working on tummy time

6 Months - getting her beauty sleep.
6 Months - Her first dip in a pool, not happy about it.
7 Months - sleeping yet again, such a precious time.
7 Months - Hanging out with Dad.
8 Months - Norah rubbing he feet on Bella's fur.
7 Months - she is like her mother in so many ways....
8 Months - what happens when you look away for just a moment.
9 Months - Hanging out with her best friend.
10 Months - What a cute catapillar she made for Halloween.
10 Months - Norah and Tyler after Thanksgiving dinner
11 Months - Norah working on, "If you're happy and you know it clap your hands" after opening her Christmas presents.
Now onto her birthday party...... Ariel Jeff and Nancy D., and Veronica (caught off guard). Norah watching Veronica talk. Cassie trying to pull Norah closer for a hug... Norah was not sure what to think of it at first but gave Cassie a hug. After the hug. Ivana and Isaac, he looks so much like his Mom. Ariel chewing on a block. Norah and her play so well together. Cassie, working on her shapes....yes that is a square. One of Norah's good friends. Nicholaus and Cassie Norah being read to by Veronica while the others eat. Eric and Issac Isaac, a future football player. Norah and her first taste of sweets. She kept picking at it like a little lady. Clapping her hands to make more of a mess before her bath. Trying to get the frosting off of her hand. "What Mom?" Blowing kisses... I think I am getting full. All cleaned up and read to open presents. She loves the book Cassie got for her. Nicholaus being cute. Trying to pull out the present. Thank you Ariel for the cups and clothes, they are cute! Nicholaus and Issac, I LOVE the dress and Hello, Baby! book. Veronica you are the real Dora, but I think my name is closer to being Dora. This is such a "deep" book Miss Veronica and thank you for the warm up suit, I will try it on later. Hello Kitty dishes, Mom you shouldn't have. Yes, MONEY oh wait, I have to go to college to use it. Thanks 529 plan. This is going to be fun, thank you Mom and Dad. This kind of looks like the Very Hungry Caterpiller but this sings ABC's.

Norah in her dress from Nicholaus and Isaac and playing with her new toy.

What a pose! Such a cutie pie! Norah in her first velour warm-up suit working on walking by herself. I think this is it. Yep it is! She must remember some of my yoga poses......downward facing dog, I love it! "What did you think Mom?"

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