Friday, January 1, 2010


Christmas Eve it is a family tradition to open one present (pajamas) and wear them to bed. Norah was the first to open hers before getting ready for bed. She was not so sure about ripping the paper, so Dad had to help. These are just the cutest, and waffle knit too....WARM!
We could have given Norah bows and she would have been just happy with that.... Trying to eat the bow. She did get a shape sorter and LOVED banging them together!! When she was not banging them she was eating them. "Hey Mom, what can I do now?"
How big is Norah..........She's SOOOOO BIIIGG!! (She puts her arms up over her head when she hears the phrase.
"This is the way we clap our hands, clap our hands, clap our hands. This is the way we clap our hands early in the morning." Norah LOVES the mailbox toy she got from Santa. It sings, counts, and plays games.
"Mom and Dad I am done playing with this; how about something else."
Monica Taurian gave this dress to Norah shortly after she was born. It is just beautiful for her first Christmas dress pictures. "Okay, you got my picture, can I get out of this dress now?"
Dad helping Norah stand.
Norah decided to let go and tried to walk.........but fell to the ground. Soon enough we will be chasing her around the house. I had to brush her hair after the fall. I put the brush down to grab the camera and she snagged it. I could not get it out of her hands after that.
Norah and her bear.

"What is this?" Norah giving LOVES (hugs & kisses) to her is the sweetest thing.

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Holloway Family said...

I think baby's first Christmas is always the most fun and memorable. Norah is so adorable!! I saw my cousin Amber at Christmas and her little boy, Kayden, is a cutie.