Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Today was the day.....

I feel so bad, but I had to inflict pain on my little girl. Norah entered her first tattoo parlor today....and she will not be going back anytime soon. We had to take her there to get her ears pierced. Yes, that was the pain I was referring to.
Here is Norah before her piercing. Happy as a clam......just wait you won't be happy soon and I am sorry.

Getting ready.....
Okay, I was more nervous than she was. Norah just wanted to know why in the heck this girl was touching her ears.
Norah after the lady just pierced her right ear.
Norah kept turning her head towards the lady once she put her hands near the side of her face. She knew what was going to happen and tried to avoid it at all costs.
After her ears were pierced. Poor girl.
I will attach some pictures of the day after so you can see Norah in a better mood. Poor thing was a little more fussy than usual. Could be that she is cutting 3 teeth as well....

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