Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Out For a Walk

Sunday we went out for a walk in the perfect weather. I was able to get a few pictures of one of the many vineyards that are still waiting to be harvested this month.
Bella and I in front of the vineyard. A few shots of the vineyard....hope you like them.
Norah Bella, and Daddy at the end of the vineyard waiting for mommy. Norah fell asleep reading her Farmyard Friends book.

Daddy and Norah. I took a few pictures just because she was so happy after her nap.


Brandi Runnoe said...

Beautiful. I never imagined a vineyard to look like that. Are the grapes edible and did you try one?

Amber Fuselier said...

They are edible, and Dennis and I tried one. They tasted a little sweeter than the grapes we get from the store.