Monday, September 21, 2009

Norah at Seven Months

Norah has done a lot this past month, heck this past week!! She has gotten her ears pierced, learned to stand in her crib and even grabbed a few diapers from her changing station. She has cut another tooth with one more working its way in, making it a grand total of 5 teeth so far (two on bottom and three on top). Norah has also started to crawl, yes I said crawl. She doesn't move fast (if she is anything like her mother) she takes her time observing others and learning from them. She has even taken to drinking out of a sippy cup, often time she thinks it's her mom's milk and has difficulty getting the water out.

Norah and Daddy

What a mischievous face
I love the looks she gives, there is much love behind them.
Norah trying to grab Bella's tongue......Bella was just happy to be able to lick her.

Norah rocking back and fourth on all fours, getting ready to crawl.

Norah after she ate.....I don't think she can eat any more. Instead of Norah eating her own feet, she tried to eat Daddys'..........Yuck! "I'm going to eat you." Norah has figured out how to get her diapers from beside her crib.
Norah on the move.
Standing in her crib.....she isn't suppose to grow this fast!
Hanging out with Mommy

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