Monday, August 17, 2009


Tyler isn't just a great kid, he has a way of decorating too. We made fruit pizza and Tyler got to decorate it and this is what he did. It's beautiful! While Tyler was here we took him to Venice for the first time. We rode the vaparretto (water bus) from the train station to San Marco Square. from there we walked a short distance to the Hard Rock Cafe Venice to eat lunch.......which turned into a early dinner. The wait there was a little long seeing as they only have 25 tables (upstairs) for dining. The waitress told us that it took them 3 years to get the approval from the Italian govt. to build the Hard Rock, what a feat. I must say it was worth the wait to get to eat there.

Tyler at the train station while waiting for the vaparetto.
This was our view from the vapparetto towards the train station. This is a church that is right next to the station.

Tyler on the vaparetto This is the Grand Canal behind Tyler
One of many Gondola's on the Grand Canal
There was a submarine parked/docked on the side of the Canal.....

Tyler in front of the Gondola's and the Island of Burano where the make blown glass.
Tyler at the entrance of San Marco Square.Tyler, Norah and I in front of the Hard Rock Cafe Venice....behind us a line of people are waiting to get on a gondola for a ride.

Tyler in San Marco Square after we left Hard Rock (The church of St. Mark behind him).

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