Monday, August 17, 2009

The kids and hanging out with Daddy

It has been awhile and we have been busy here at the Fuselier house. These are a few of the pictures of the kids.

Norah and Daddy
Daddy and Tyler playing NorahOnce Norah sees me I am done for, she wants nothing to do with her Daddy after that. This is a picture of her trying to push off from Daddy to get to me.Tyler checking his e-mail on his new laptop that we gave him for his birthday. We are so proud of him, he did so well in school.....straight A's!!
Norah hanging out with Mommy before we have to get ready for bed.
I wonder what she is thinking.

That's my girl!
Okay, there is a story behind this face. As a parent we all make sounds that we never thought were possible. Well, I can make and elephant sound (much like Eddie Murphy off Daddy Daycare) that makes Norah smile. This is her trying to make the exact same sound, it is too cute.

The kids sitting with Dad before getting ready for bed. I love this part of my day.

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