Monday, August 17, 2009

Norah Eating

Dennis and I have introduced Norah to a plethora of vegetables, and have come to find that her nose has taken on the color of what she is eating.....that is why it is so yellow. Here are her latest food(capades). While at the doctors office we took a picture to show the doctor the difference in her nose color over the past few weeks and this is what she looked like. Mind you the room was very dark and she was a little startled by the flash......too funny.Norah eating green beans....where the yellow nose started.Norah and her carrots.......

Daddy feeding her peas.Mommy introducing Norah to a sippy cup of "Mommy's Milk" and some finger snacks.Norah is still working on getting them in her mouth.

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Brandi Runnoe said...

That's gotta be so fun to experience new things with her. FOOD! Awesome part of life (probably why I have always struggled with my weight!).