Saturday, November 28, 2009

Give Thanks.....For Thanksgiving

This thanksgiving Tyler came to see us. It was great he was here to spend time with us but most of all his little sis'. She just loves her big brother, going over to him and giving him kisses, and just hanging off of him. Precious.
Tyler got to see Norah giver her glow-worm kisses and hugs. Bella would rather Tyler play with her instead of Norah.
Norah crawled over to Tyler to get his shoelaces...
Then his zipper on his sweater. I took Norah shoe shopping on Thanksgiving eve and boy did it wear her out. Notice where her sock is, she loves to take them off her feet and chew on them....YUCK.
Our Thanksgiving Feast (on our new table.....LOVE IT!) Dennis did such a great job, he made everything you see on the table, and the pies. But not my cranberry fluff salad, that is the one thing I have to make.
Norah giving Bella her Kong after we ate dinner. She crawled over to it and said "give it to Bella" she did exactly that.
Bella wanted to play more after that.
Tyler picking Norah up and playing with her.
The last day Tyler was here I had to get a family picture so show how much the two kids are growing up. Tyler with his long hair and Norah with her big Buddha belly as Tyler calls it. We cannot wait to see Tyler again.

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