Thursday, November 5, 2009

9 Months....WOW!

What a ham this girl is. It have been 9 months since Norah has come into this world and what a joy she brings to our lives everyday. She has been crawling, cruising the furniture ans walking with mom (just by holding onto mom's fingers) around the house. When she isn't doing that she is trying to crawl over Bella and use her a a means to stand.....and Bella LOVES it. Norah just got her 6th tooth in two days ago!!
On a missing...
Cheeser. She makes me laugh.
Who does she look like here, any guesses????? Norahs' "stinky face" she sniffs in and out through her nose and scrunches it at the same time. Once she's done she gives the cutest smile. Catching the "stinky face" is the hardest part. Smiles. Just sitting there..... I think I got it..
Mama, What looks she gives.... aaahhhh...... Norah starting to crawl over Bella..... and she's over.

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Mara Sikkink said...

OH MYLANTA THAT KID IS CUTE!!! I love the catepillar costume. She's such a ham!