Monday, July 20, 2009

Norah's First Swim

Wednesday when the weather was nice and HOT, so Dennis and I took the kids to the pool. Here is Tyler, Norah and I before entering the pool. Look how handsome tyler is getting! He even made a (girl) friend by the name of Jalexa, the Fuselier charm still works. Norah and Daddy Daddy taking Norah into the big pool for the first time (notice her feet aren't in the water yet).
Now her feet are in the water!
"Mom, tell Dad to take me to the kiddie pool, I hear it's warmer over there."
(what a face she's giving me) "Now that's what I am talking about."
Giving kisses to Daddy.
Her first taste of chlorine water.......and I know it won't be her last!
Just playing around
"Mom, I think I am getting hungry."
"It's sooooo blue." How big is Norah? She's SOOOOO BIG!
Look Mom, I can stand!

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