Thursday, July 9, 2009

Norah Update

Saturday the 4th was when Norahs' two bottom teeth decided to start working there way up. Monday she decided to roll from her back to her tummy, and you can imagine how proud I was to see her at this milestone in her development. Tuesday her teeth finally broke through, and she mastered rolling around on the floor with Bella at her side. I smile everytime I see her rolling around.
Norah trying to get Bella to play along.
Caught Norah before she started to roll around
Norah biting on Bella's ear.
Norah wanting to give Bella kisses.
She is going to be such a ham. I cannot tell if this she got this look from Dennis or myself.
Norah starting to roll onto her tummy .......and after.
I am ready for my close-up.
Maybe not....

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Fadela said...

Awww! Samih just got his first tooth a couple weeks ago! Not a great time for them, but she still looks pretty happy! She is so cute Amber!