Sunday, June 7, 2009

Busy, Busy

This week was just as busy if not more so than last week. I went down to Asolo to see the progress on our kitchen furniture and vino rack we are having built by hand out of Walnut.
On the way home I was in a fender bender....thank the Lord Claudio, his wife and friend Dennis that spoke some english came to help me. We will see this next week what happens with our BMW. Then there was the added stress of getting Dennis out on his TDY to Sardinia for awhile.

Billie and Amelia went to Venice and Florence all by themselves. They were a little scared at first but once I got their tickets and gave them my cell phone I knew they would be okay. I even wrote down the train times, house phone, and address just in case.........I am more of mom now than ever before.

Today Billie, Norah and I went to the antique market in the town square, they had some interesting and very old items. I didn't buy anything, I am on the lookout for a painting for our kitchen once the table gets here next week. I am very excited to have a place to sit down, after getting rid of that oak one so long ago.
Here are our chairsThis is the design on th center of the table that seats 6-10 peopleA better picture of our tableThis is our buffett, to give an idea of the height is is almost up to my shoulder (I am 5'2").

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Fadela said...

Oh man, you are having to much driving huh ;) I like your table set, it will last forever too! Sorry to hear things have been kind of stressful.