Monday, May 11, 2009

Weeks 13 and 14

It is amazing how the time sure does fly. These past two weeks Norah has really made strides in her development. She is combining vowels with consonants, she is smiling more and has even made what I think could be the makings of her laugh. Oh, I almost forgot, she has even found her hands and those thumbs. She only starts sucking on her thumbs when she is tired of doing tummy time on her play gym. Norah's first suckle on her thumb

Norah has been putting anything she gets her hands on in her mouth....including her own burp cloth.

I love this picture....I cannot believe I was able to get one of her smiling......she gets shy from time to time and stops smiling when I pull the camera out. But perfect!!

I got another smile!!!
Now that summer is near we are looking forward to seeing Billie and Amelia the end of this month for a few weeks. We will be doing some sight seeing and hopefully it will be nice enough for us to hit the beach and get some sun.....


Fadela said...

Look at that SMILE! I love it! You guys did good!

Mara Sikkink said...

How adorable! She looks a lot like Dennis with a little Amber to top it off. Love that smile!!!