Wednesday, May 20, 2009

16 weeks and what a busy week it was!!

This past week has been a busy one...... I played bunco with the spouses group (they are all very nice ladies and not caddy at all), then Dennis found out his test results and that made a nice end to that day!! The following day Dennis had to get up early to roast a pig for the squadron birthday party, get a haircut, volunteer at the bazaar, and go for drinks with all the other Msgt selects on the base!! Saturday we had a going away, a promotion party and I had a baby shower to attend!! Boy was it nice to see Sunday come so I could sit down and do my schoolwork. Dennis took Norah with him grocery shopping so I could knock out my Conflict Resolution paper before Billie and Amelia get here on Memorial Day.
Somehow during the wee I found time to take pictures of our precious little girl. She still sucks her thumb on occasion, but most of the time its her entire hand! She doesn't like to be on her back much, so I have been propping her up on the couch next to me. Moments later I get the joy of watching her tip over (timber is what I say) and her rolling over to her tummy. Look Ma....No Thumbs!

I wonder what she was thinking when I took this picture.........any thoughts?
I could not stop laughing after I looked at this picture.
Norah, was really trying to tip over.
Here she goes.....
she's down for the count...
Look Ma......Super Norah!
AAHH, is what she is saying.
Nope, no teeth yet......
Just smiles!!

I swear she is a spitting image of Den

Just chillin'
She started to get tired....
"Mom, I wasn't sleeping, I was resting my eyes."
"See, I am not ready for my nap, I am still playing."
I was playing peek-a-boo with her, and she still isn't too sure about it.

Well, that is it for this week, I will be posting again before our trip.....I will tell you next week where our next adventure is going to be. For now, we love and miss you all very much.

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