Monday, April 27, 2009

Germany Visiting Tyler

Dennis, Norah and I went up to see Tyler in Germany during his Spring Break from school so he could meet his little sister. We were only able to go up for a few days but it was worth it!!

Here is Norah on her first airplane ride. She did fantastic. She fussed a little because she was warm in her infant carrier and attached to me at the same time, other than that she slept most of the flight there and back.
Before take off, the trick to keep their ears popping is to have them suck on a bottle or pacifier.
Dennis, Tyler, and Norah hanging out before we left for Ramstein to eat at Chili's and look for somewhere to get Norah's ears luck until she is 6 months old in Germany.
Brother and Sister....... Tyler giving Norah kissesTyler is such a great big brother, he was helping her grab her rattle.On Saturday before Easter we took Tyler to Eifel Park in Germany. It is located near Spangdahlem Air Base and it is a mix between an amusement park and zoo. It was the perfect day to go too. The sun was out with a cool breeze so it wasn't too hot.....we couldn't have asked for a better day.
I like the next three pictures of Dennis and Tyler coming down the wavy slide.Norah and I watching the boys ride the paddle boat
This was the main attraction at Eifel Park. It is called the Alpine Slide. There is a Line that pulls you up to the top of the mountain and you switch cart and head down the mountain going about 25 mph....there are brakes, but it's no fun when you use them.
Dennis and Tyler getting ready to head up the hill....(we don't know the guy behind Dennis, but he knows what to do in the picture)
Tyler and Dennis coming around the turn.......Do they look like they had fun??Daddy took this picture while Tyler and I rode the Alpine Slide Norah Sticking out her tongue....
Tyler......taking his last ride on the Alpine slide for the day
They had four bears there at Eifel Park, Dennis and Tyler were able to get up an close with one of them.
They had two Bald Eagles who sounded like they were laughing at the group that cam up behind was hilarious.

Tyler petting an Elk.
A baby deer that we were able to see while taking a tractor ride through the park.Dennis and Tyler riding the swings......Dennis doesn't do well on the swings, but he did a good job.There was this ride where you had to use your own muscle to pull yourself to the top......Tyler let Dad do all the work

We are so glad that we could make it up to Germany to spend time with Tyler. We miss him so much, and cannot wait to see him this summer when we can get our family pictures done.

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Fadela said...

Aww, what a cute lil family you guys are! Looks like a fun trip!