Thursday, March 12, 2009


On Saturday Dennis and I took Carl, Norma, and Norah on their first trip to Venice. The weather was spectacular and it couldn't have been a better day to go. We hopped on the train and we were off. Dennis and I absolutely love looking at the countryside along the way.
Carl and Norma on the train to Venice

Norah and I The view of the countryside along the wayNorah got a little warm in her infant carrier so we took her out and placed her on the seat next to me until it was time to get off the train.......She is getting so big!This is the view outside of the train stationStopping to grab a bite at Trattoria Toma' before heading to San Marco SquareMcDonald's is EVERYWHERESan Marco SquareThe Venetian Islands are behind us....They used to have a rope tied from one pillar to the other used to hang thieves...Norah catching a few zzzz'sWe got a little lost......notice the upside down tables.......just weeks ago the water in Venice was so high they had those out as a makeshift walkway.The famous Rialto Bridge..built in 1588.

Well, that was our adventures while Carl and Norma were here. I am sure there will be more when Billie and Amelia come out in May!

I will post more picture of Norah, she continues to amaze Dennis and I with her facial expressions and her stubbornness. I must say, she is doing rather well with my one eyebrow raise!


Fadela said...

Oh!!! I miss Venice! She is so pretty Amber, good job!

Amber Fuselier said...

Thank you. I cannot believe how much Venice has changed since we first got here. It seems they are always doing construction when we are there.

Christy V said...

It's soooo great to see more pics of Norah! She is sooo darn cute! And getting big. I just loved all the different pics you have on here. I didn't know Norah had a big brother. He's cute! Hope you had a really nice 1st Mother's Day!!
Miss ya and thanks for sending a reminder about your blog! Nice work girl!!

:) Christy